About Minsan Musikera

Minsan Musikera was made with the purpose of sharing with others what I have been given, my thoughts, my ideas, my experiences, and my creations through music. Overall, this blog was created as an instrument for using these gifts to glorify my Maker.

You see, I have this desire to write/sing songs that some, if not most of them, I will share with you here. They may still be far from perfect but hey, at least I tried. Nobody gets it right the first try anyway. I am definitely a work in progress and would love to develop it as much as I can, and I would be glad to have you accompany me in my journey (of self-discovery, wait what? hahaha).

Also, If you found my creations with potential, kindly donate whatever amount you see fit.This would definitely be a great way to join me as I continue to explore and write songs about love, life, or even pain. I would be grateful for your donations to assist me in my journey of learning, creating, and writing new songs.

If requests be made, I’d be delighted to oblige if my time permits. However, please understand if it would take time for me to be able to grant your request. Nevertheless, your requests and suggestions will be well appreciated.

I guess that’s it! Hope you enjoy viewing my blog and listening my creations. Ciao! 😊❤️

Musically yours,