A Thousand Bags of Gold Lyrics



A Thousand Bags of Gold

Music and Lyrics by Cassie


Verse 1:

 A thousand bags of gold

who knew that’s how much I owe?

Since I know I’m not able to pay,

Everything I own must be taken away


Refrain 2:

But You showed me Mercy and grace

As I fell on my knees and prayed

You cancelled all my debt that day

and sent me on my way


Co’z You took pity on me

You’ve shown me mercy, now I’m free

Coz’ it is by Your grace, I am able to stand

Not by my own ability,

but by the Blood of the Lamb.


Verse 2:

A hundred silver coins

I knew that’s how much he owed

 When he fell to his knees and begged me

Shall I refuse or shall I let him go?


Refrain 2:

But You reminded me that day

When I fell on my knees and prayed           

You cancelled all my debt that day

And erased it all away


Repeat Chorus



You said forgive and I shall be forgiven

You said be kind for I have been set free

Because You love me I am able to love them

Now who am I to withhold Your mercy and grace?


Repeat Chorus



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