You’re My Everything Lyrics



You’re My Everything

Music by Cassie

Lyrics by Lirma Jane Paez



Verse 1:

You are my portion Lord

You are my Strength

You are my Redeemer

My Rock, my Shield, and my Deliverer

You are my Healer

You are my Restorer

You are my Great Provider

My life, my reward, and my Forever



You give me the victory

You supply all that I need


You are everything to me in this life and the next

You’re my God, my living God

You are the Saviour of my soul

and I could not ask for more

No I could not ask for more – because

You’re my everything



You are the breath I take

You are the water I drink

You are the truth that sets me free

You are the Air I breathe

You are the wind that I feel

You’re the love that covers every sin in me

You’re Everything to me!!


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